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Drug Awareness for Youth and Parents, Hope for Recovery


Drug Awareness for Youth and Parents, Hope for Recovery

Feedback from People Who Have Interacted with Never Let Go Ministries

"Today, I learned that my actions affect more than just myself and I need to think more about the way my actions make others feel." (Juvenile Detention Center)

"It makes me never want to do drugs."
(High School)

"I learned [that] one mistake can change your life.  I also learned never to let go of God's Hand."
(Jr. High)

"Keep sharing your message because I believe it will help others out there."
(High School)

"To see a mother sharing such a painful story impacted these kids, and I don't think they'll ever forget the warning that her son's life and death has given them."
(Faculty Member)

"I used to think it would be okay just to try it once, but your story is a good enough reason for me not to."
(High School)

"I learned to... not let people pressure me into doing dangerous things."
(Juvenile Detention Center)

"I learned to avoid drugs because they could kill you."
(Jr. High)

"It was very powerful, and every teenager should hear it."

"It was a lasting impression on the students' hearts."

"Thank you for willingly sharing the gift of Faith with our youth."

"I really like the wristband.  It will always encourage me to say 'no' to drugs."
(Grade school)

"We highly recommend that all youth hear her story to warn them of the dangers and consequences."

"Now I know how harmful drugs are.  I promise I will never do drugs.  Neber let go of God's hand.  I hope you go an tell other schools."
(Jr. High)

"It was eye-opening and inspiration, and it showed what drugs can do to people."
(High School)

"It was very inspirational and opened my eyes to what drugs can and will do to someone."
(High School)

"What I learned is to take caution with whom you hang out with and to take caution on drugs too."
(Grade School)

"Drugs can ruin your life."