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Drug Awareness for Youth and Parents, Hope for Recovery


Drug Awareness for Youth and Parents, Hope for Recovery

Never Let Go
Never Let Go of God's Hand
Never Let Go of the Courage to Say No
My Son Lost His Courage
My Son Lost His Life


On April 18, 2010, my life, along with the life of my entire family, was changed forever. I walked out of a hospital emergency room after hugging my 31 year old son’s lifeless body for nearly four hours, knowing that I would never see him again, at least not in this world. Marjoe’s overdose on “someone else’s prescription medicine” had all started 16 years earlier at the innocent age of 14, when he ended up in a group of “new” friends on a different path. He had promised he would never drink or do drugs. He was sure.

          I knew, even though I never heard the doctor's words, that my 31- year-old son was lying dead on a cold table behind the closed ER doors. And I knew that no parent should ever have to endure such unbelievable and agonizing sorrow. My heart shattered like glass in a million pieces that chilly spring morning and I will never again find all of the pieces because part of my heart went with my son that day.

           He let go of God's hand for a second in time and he lost his life. That moment in time a seed was planted deep within my heart and I became a mother on a mission. Read More...

Cross created by Marjoe J. Gineman

Marjoe's Sketches

"Always and Forever" ~ Marjoe J. Gineman
April 16, 1979 - April 18, 2010

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